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Our unique Shela website will make the hiring process easier, faster and more efficient for employers.

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With the Shela app, candidates will be able to search, apply for jobs and upload their personalised video with their CV.

How Shela Works

1. Sign Up

Shela candidates sign up through our app. Employers can choose from our flexible range of subscription plans and sign up below.

2. Post a job

Post a job vacancy on Shela with one click. Candidates can apply for vacancies through the app quickly and simply.

3. Apply with Video

Shela candidates apply with a 90 second personalised videos, as well as a CV and references. This gives employers a rounded view and lets our candidates Shine as an individual as well as an employee.

4. Arrange Interviews

Employers and candidates can chat, arrange interviews and organise a hire directly through our app. This saves time (and long email trails!)

5. Hire the best

Hire the perfect fit for your business quickly and easily with Shela.

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